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Magex Texchnologies

rue Belvédère Sud, bureau 204, 1945

+1 866 886-2439

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Magex Texchnologies

About Magex Technologies is well known and respected among designers of software customized for the North American real estate market, and develops partnerships with foreign companies at the international level for its products use and marketing.
  Mission   Our mission is to provide Real Estate participants software solutions that are reliable and complete in addition to a personnalized, fast and courteous customer support to help them reach their potential.   Storyline   Established in 2003 and headquartered in Canada, our company is made up of a team of enthusiastic young professionals at the cutting edge of new technologies who take pride in rapidly meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.   Awards   Over the years, Magex Technologies has won numerous awards and gained wide recognition for its outstanding products, innovative business culture, and flexible and stimulating working environment. Our qualified employees work together in synergy to meet our customers' growing needs.

Magex Technologies sets itself apart from other designers of real estate software by its vision, which is to combine leading technologies with intuitive interfaces that are surprisingly easy to use. Magex has truly become a pioneer thanks to its online program for analyzing real estate investments, as well as its software integration in an MLS inter-agency system. The tradition has continued with the launch of the first online real estate management program adapted for Belgium.  Our commitment   Our team is committed to maximizing its software performance and flexibility according to real needs as expressed by users. Thanks to its knowledge of the real estate market, passion for new technologies, and culture of innovation, Magex Technologies is able to offer industry-leading solutions.


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